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Alan Barr ATLAS: Phenomenology of a luminosity- or energy-upgraded LHC: Oliver Buchmueller CMS: Dark Matter searches at the LHC: Henning Flaecher CMS: Dark Matter searches at the LHC.

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Hans Jakob Konrad Wilhelmsson Ahlmann (14 November – 10 March ) was a Swedish geographer, glaciologist and diplomat. Born in Karlsborg, Sweden Ahlmann grew up in Stockholm. He studied with Professor Gerard De Geer at Stockholm University, and gained his doctorate in on a doctoral thesis on Sweden's Lake Ragundasjön.

Angular analysis of the $B^{0} \rightarrow K^{*0} \mu^{+} \mu^{-}$ decay - LHCb Collaboration LHCb-CONF, CERN-LHCb-CONF In this thesis, an analysis of the power of the ATLAS detector to detect a Standard Model Higgs boson has been performed.

It is shown that it will be possible to discover a Higgs particle across the complete mass range from the lower limit defined by the reach of the LEP2 collider experiments to the upper theoretical limit around 1 TeV.

The edition of the Conference on Flavor Physics and CP Violation will be held at on the campus of the California Institute of Technology on June. Master Thesis Project - Strategic Digital Communication at Copenhagen Municipality.


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Ulrik egede thesis
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