Thesis ontology learning

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Ontology learning

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What is an ontology?

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This work addresses important problems of. i a software product line approach to ontology-based recommendations in e-tourism systems by justine olawande daramola (cu05pg) a thesis submitted to the department of computer.

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An Introduction to Ontology Learning Jens LEHMANNa and Johanna VÖLKERb;1 a Informatics Institute, University of Leipzig, Germany b Data & Web Science Research Group, University of Mannheim, Germany Ever since the early days of Artificial Intelligence and the development of the first knowledge-based systems in the 70s [32].

integrates machine learning, natural language processing and ontology technologies to facilitate knowledge acquisition, extraction and organisation. The research reported in this thesis focuses first on the conceptual model of concept. An ontology based tool for competency management and learning paths.

In: 6th International Conference on Knowledge Management (I-KNOW ), Special track on Integrating Working and Learning, Graz, September 6 () Google Scholar. This thesis deals with creation of ontology concepts for sports domain for the purpose of training through e-learning.

Here the formal Sports knowledge, its concepts and its relationships are represented.

Thesis ontology learning
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