Thesis on performance evaluation of mutual funds

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Mutual Fund Performance Evaluation Thesis – 349061

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Thesis on performance evaluation of mutual funds

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Executive summary.

Mutual Funds: Evaluating Performance

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Jun 01,  · Before Morris’s fateful trip to India, Adobe’s annual review was pretty standard. Once a year, managers would collect examples of past performance, conduct degree evaluations for. performance evaluation of indian mutual funds In recent years, an increasing number of investors in India are investing in mutual funds.

A large amount of investor money is at stake. PERFORMANCE EVALUATION OF MUTUAL FUND SEGMENTS IN INDIA With Special Reference to Sectoral Funds THESIS SUMMARY SUBMITTED TO KUMAUN UNIVERSITY, NAINITAL. Among various investment alternatives, mutual funds have emerged as an important investment option among the investors.

It is with this fact in mind that present study attempts to analyse the growth and performance of Equity and Hybrid Schemes of 10 Mutual funds from to

Thesis on performance evaluation of mutual funds
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