Thesis on communication engineering

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ECE - M.S. in Telecommunications Engineering

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Latest Thesis Topics for Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE)

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The Vision of the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, National Institute of Technology Silchar is to be a model of excellence for undergraduate and post graduate education and research in the country.

The OAKTrust digital repository at Texas A&M is a digital service that collects, preserves, and distributes the scholarly output of the University. In this thesis, a recursive algorithm based on kernel mapping is applied to develop an automated, ICU Signaling.

(Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, BRAC University, ) A Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network or VANET is a form of Mobile Ad-Hoc Network or MANET which provides communication between vehicles and between.

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Thesis Topics based on Electrical work in Communication Engineering Electrical work based thesis topics are also assigned to the students by their professors.

Those who are pursuing a professional course in communication engineering have to understand electrical communication.

Thesis on communication engineering
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