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Doctoral Recital: 2012-11-12 - Emily Hueske, mezzo-soprano; Kyle Siddons, baritone

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Spring Honorary Graduate Commencement Marshal (Above) MA graduate Aaron Moses with his thesis advisor, Dr. Louise Siddons. Aaron Moses, who received his MA in Art History from OSU inwas selected to be a Spring Honorary Graduate Commencement Marshal.

In the context of the prevailing trend toward more natural products, there seems to be an increasing preference for raw milk consumption as raw milk is associated with several perceived health benefits that are believed to be destroyed upon heating. Chestike Williams-Second year MA student -BA in Art History and English with a minor in Film Studies-UNF-Research interests: Modern and Contemporary African American art.

The experiment was by Welsh-born Sarah Siddons who went on to become one of the most prestigious female Shakespearean actors of the 18th century. She was the elder sister of John Philip Kemble.

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