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Italian Renaissance

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Hans Baron

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Civic Humanism

Baron a and Baron b articulate the basic argument, while Baron and Baron add important elements. Baron, Hans. The Crisis of the Early Italian Renaissance: Civic Humanism and Republican Liberty in an Age of Classicism and Tyranny.

2. ‘‘Le prime ricerche di Hans Baron sul Quattrocento e la loro inXuenza fra le due guerre,’’ in Renaissance Studies in Honor of Hans Baron, ed. Anthony Molho and John Tedeschi (Florence: Sansoni, ), lxi–lxx, is especially informative. Ironically, in Pocock's adaptation of Baron's thesis, applied to Anglo-Saxon materials, virtue is opposed to property, and it is the urban, bourgeois entrepreneurs and the chancery of the modernizing state, the very creators of civic humanism in Baron's mind, that are on the wrong side of the fence.

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His Crisis of the Early Italian Renaissance has provoked more discussion and inspired more research than any other twentieth-century study of the Italian Renaissance. Baron's book was the first historical synthesis of politics and humanism at that momentous critical juncture when Italy passed from medievalism to the thought of the Renaissance.

Hans Baron has been called the 20 th century's answer to Jacob Burckhardt. Coming from a scholar as respected as John Najemy, this is high praise indeed.

Hans baron thesis
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