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EUR/USD Goes To Parity: New Forecasts – BofA Merrill

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Pound Forecast to Recover vs. Euro as

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However, the market is not trading as if it is short Euro. Indeed, our most important take-away from the further weakening of the euro this week is the magnitude of the decline relative to any new information. Note: Amounts are in EUR unless mentioned otherwise.

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Investment thesis. Despite unfavorable macro trends, the bank’s management has continued to deliver on the bottom line. Supporting data. Dear Colleagues, It’s my great pleasure to welcome you to the 19 th International Pharmaceutical Technology Symposium-IPTS in Antalya which will be held on 17 – 19 September, under the auspices of Hacettepe University.

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Important Documents. The documents listed below are the latest versions made available to our data provider by the fund management group, but may not necessarily reflect the applicable charges that would be levied should you purchase this fund via Charles Stanley Direct.

Eur thesis data bank
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