Deardorff cultural competence thesis


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Hirsch, Sally Emily, "Understanding the Relationship Between Teacher and Organizational Intercultural Competency in International Schools: A Mixed Methods Study" ().

opportunities for cultural understanding but also cultural conflicts.


Teachers working in Deardorff’s Process Model of Intercultural Competence (Deardorff, For example, Deardorff (), in a survey which collected data from scholars of intercultural competence and university international administrators, found that 80% or more of the respondents agreed about 22 of the core components of intercultural competence.

Deardorff also found substantial agreement over the definition of the term intercultural competence. Intercultural Competence: The Role it Plays in the College Intensive English Program Gloria Chen, Indiana Institute of Technology, USA and essays fitting students’ language skills are selected for reading and discussion.

Students are given topics to research and to give presentations to the public of campus, just like presentations in a. Social media and language learning: Enhancing intercultural communicative competence Researchers have established that cultural openness is essential in language teaching.

Indeed, it is believed that languages cannot be appropriately understood without. Can you free yourself from your own cultural logics to engage with others & engage with their ideas? Our publication shows why intercultural competences matter so much today – and why they will.


Deardorff, Darla K.B., Identification and Assessment of Intercultural Competence as a Student Outcome of Internationalization at Institutions of Higher Education in the United States, PHD thesis, North Carolina State University, retrieved March 4

Deardorff cultural competence thesis
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