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College & University Programs in Health Promotion & Public Health

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Procedures for Thesis Defence

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Offers a thesis-based MSc degree in Epidemiology, a practicum-based Master's degree of Public Health (MPH), and a non-thesis based MSc degree in Epidemiology Schulich Interfaculty Program in Public Health [new in ].

The format, layout, and style of the thesis conforms to the CGSR regulations as indicated in the Guidelines for Preparation of a Thesis.


A student's registration must. (FABS) at the University of Saskatchewan, by summarizing the rules, regulations, procedures and practices that apply.

It complements the on-line material provided by the College of. The supervisor arranges for the Advisory Committee to meet and agree that the thesis is ready for the oral examination, as required by CGSR; The supervisor advises the Graduate Secretary as soon as the student's Advisory Committee determines the student's thesis is ready for defense.

thesis and to the University of Saskatchewan in any use of the material in this thesis. Copying or publication or any other use of the thesis for financial gain without approval by the University of Saskatchewan and the author’s written permission is prohibited.

Dr. Wonjae Chang's Lab at the University of Saskatchewan is currently looking for two master students who want to participate in cutting-edge geoenvironmental engineering and bioremediation research.

The research will focus on developing remediation technologies for engineered and natural environmental systems impacted by the extractions of natural resources in northern Canada.

Cgsr usask thesis
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