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CS Honors Program

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· The Bachelor of Science degree with “distinction in research” is conferred to students who successfully complete an honors thesis in communication.

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The guidance and supervision of a faculty member with substantial interest and expertise is essential to the success of the research honors  · As an intern with Agrecol, I made regular site visits to farms to see their work in practice, I conducted interviews/research on food sovereignty to be used for my senior honors thesis, and (back at the offices) translated documents from French to /student-experiences/africa/senegal.

Both must hold academic appointments at Cornell, readers for a formal defense of the thesis by May * CALS students must follow the requirements set forth by Dean Viands for formatting, binding, and submitting their honors thesis.

studies a recommendation to include: 1) the evaluation of the honors thesis by the three readers; 2) an. · HONORS & AWARDS College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Outstanding Teaching Assistant, Cornell University AY Conference Travel Grant, Cornell University Excellent Thesis of Economics College of Zhejiang University Honor of Excellent University Student, Zhejiang University, three times  · Cornell is an especially rich environment for gaining experience in research.

Students are routinely hired to work in our laboratories and on summer research projects. It is also possible to obtain academic credit for research, and students with a sufficient grade-point average may conduct their own research project and write an honors thesis  · Honors Requirements; BS - Information Science (CALS) Admission Requirements (See Cornell's Graduate School page on Choosing Your Committee.) The student's committee may require the student to take courses in addition to the core requirements.

A Exam. The A exam tests the student's breadth in Information Science and depth in their proposed

Cals honors thesis cornell
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